Nikkaroo's Reviews on DMO

  • I would only recommend Digimon Masters Online Tera game in case you like digimon. It's simplistic and basic in terms of MMO's. Plus my hugest gripe. Digimon, are too tough to get. I spent sixty minutes saving up data for getting a Piyomon. Luckily got two mercernary eggs and my efforts we're fruitless. One egg broke, the other has one charge.

    It relies an excessive amount on luck, and really is really a pay 2 win game. Plus the people who are already playing and paid for whatever they have sell things for huge prices inside player shops, so goodluck affording anything. I've made it towards the first area, that i'm sorry, the starter, a worm, along with a mole isn't cutting it for me personally. I just wished to get one among my favorite digimon, and even though it should be a challenge to acquire them, possible. Make the eggs rarer, and stages 3+ for hatching employ a chance to fail.Also maintain the eggs from breaking, It's infuriating to finally buy DMO Gold , knowing your not guranteed it to hatch.