Carnival of Dreams Event Launches

  • DMO Tera players should check into the sport from today through March 20th to participate from the Carnival of Dreams event. During the party, players is able to take benefit from double XP gains over the week and triple XP gains on weekends. In addition, three new Digimon are included and players logging into websites on a daily basis will get various boosts.

    Now’s the time to grab one with the new Tamers introduced above the last several months at a tasty discount.  Pick up either the Tai or T.K. packages for 298 silk - both are the tamer, along with a 30-day Adventure Avatar, 5 1000% Amplification Booster, 100 Chicken Combos or a Tamer Name Change!  These packages disappear on November 26th so hurry before DMO Currency disappear forever.