Flanya Scarlet's Reviews on Closers

  • Closers Credits is MMO Baased Type Style Game where You do Well Anyone Would Collect Gold After Defeating Monsters Gain EXP Do Quests Craft Stuff Talk to NPC and collect Rewards Travel through portals into Different Worlds etc. You can also Increase Your Wepons to Have Certain Glow going without running shoes if done efficiently +3 Core also it should commence to glow As you are able to see Im kinda Addicted to mafia wars XD well I actually Kinda Like it it is just not too abd Controls are Simple at the same time.

    ASDE Are Skill based buttons and 1-6 Are Healing Items food etc Really Basic stuff. You will Get the Hang of it Im sure. I woudl def Recc this Game to How to buy Closers Credits Likes MMO which enable it to Handle them well.