Solo Showdown Limited Time Mode Announced

  • Epic has announced a whole new limited time mode for Fortnite Items . The Solo Showdown will probably be running from today through May 21st with players capable to earn nearly 50,000 V-Bucks as well as the top 100 players better known for their achievement. The goal on the adding the experience mode would be to provide a "stepping stone to master how to construct great events for everyone types of players".

    In the Solo Showdown LTM you will probably be placed against other self-selected competitors causeing this to be the ultimate test of survival.  Placements in this little while mode is going to be specially tracked and find out rewards you will get at the end of case. The top players players is going to be awarded.

    Your first 50 matches within the Solo Showdown LTM will probably be counted towards your Score.  You must play 50 Solo Showdown LTM matches to become eligible for Fortnite Items for sale just a prize.