Early Access Review

  • I first saw a couple of youtube videos about  Closers Credits I loved how a style was and fast gameplay.

    I was actually enjoying the experience. The story was decent. Now abruptly there would have been a help tuturoial poping up about fatigue. I check out and realise most of asudden i can not play much more? I thought "Oh great a sport like all mobile games i must go spend cash to keep playing. " So I take a look at the EMP shop to determine how much it costs. No Fatigue pots or resets.

    4.2hrs - 4.2hrs was how much time i got to try out the game before it said "Nope it's not possible to play anymore with this character today. Got make another but warning, you actuallyhave an account fatgiue. so you simply can't keep doing this."

    Really what types of business model lets you know "You can't play much more and we don't wish to give you to be able to Buy Closers Credits play any longer. Even if you would like to pay us".

    So really as i wanted to love the game. I just simply can't.