GGG Debating the Future of PoE: Royale - Standalone or Special

  • The POE Currency site is updated with article explaining how  the action's April Fool's "joke", Path of Exile: Royale, appeared from concept to finished, playable product. While only playable on April 1st, Grinding Gear has gotten a large amount of positive feedback and it is debating the mode's future, either like a recurring event or it could be even a standalone version of PoE.

    We have already been inundated with requests to get the mode back. It's a foregone conclusion now that we'll be running it again later on, but there is however the big question of if it can sustain itself enough to turn into a standalone game mode, or whether we must just have it to be a cool event we run occasionally. In either case, we have a great deal of balance improvements planned that will make it more pleasurable and less overrun by certain dominant skills.

    As a residential district, how can you feel we must proceed? Is it really worth resources to look at this one-day prototype and polish it right into Buy POE Currency a standalone supported game mode with ongoing improvements? We'd want to hear your notions.