Baihumon Joins the Game

  • Digimon Masters Tera players can reap the benefits of great prices inside in game item store to see the latest Digimon to become added towards the game's ranks. Baihumon is one of the most powerful on the Holy Beasts and packs a typical punch.

    Introducing the holy beast, Baihumon!  As one from the four Holy Beasts that protect the Digital World, this Ultimate digivolution guards the Western direction, while its siblings guard North, East, and South.  Despite being the youngest with the four Beasts, it can be by far by far the most powerful; its great power and immortality is attributed towards the power with the DigiCore.  Generally having a stance of neutrality, it's slow to create friends.  Its special move, the “Kongo Wave,” emits by 
    Digimon Masters Online Gold reviewing the mouth and is particularly strong enough to cause paralysis and forces metal to rust and infrequently leads to death!