Belphemon:Ragemode Evolution Coming To Digimon Masters

  • As reported the other day, the  Digimon Masters Online Tera MMORPG is becoming a number of new events inside month of May, the encourage new players to determine the game out. In addition, it’s also receiving a new Belphemon evolution in Burst mode.

    Here’s how Joymax described the evolution into their press release, delivered this morning:

    Introducing the powerful Belphemon:Ragemode! Normally only awake one every thousand years, Belphemon is now regain its original, destructive form. As the true incarnation of anger, all the Digimon fear the judgement with the Ragemode. Slashing its dark black nails using a fiery temper, it’s it's no surprise that its special move may be nicknamed the “Gift of Darkness!” Belphemon rolling around in its final burst mode form is regarded as one in Digimon Masters Gold of reincarnation. Which begs the question…who is going to be next?!