Fate of Arun's Bathysmal Rise Revealed

  • Perhaps essentially the most challenging new dungeon in Northern Arun, Bathysmal Rise hosts new bosses who hire a variety of new abilities and tactics to check teams of by far the most seasoned Tera Items players.  And we still have the exclusive first look and details.

    Located in your community known as Ex Prima, Bathysmal Rise could be the last refuge from the giants, a once powerful race of beings who conquered the earth only to become struck down and taken beyond power because of the gods.  Known for the Baraka race being a step back in time towards the heart of the long-dead civilization, no-one really knows exactly what the true intent behind Bathysmal Rise used to be. The only thing anyone really knows is the fact that it’s still watched over today by strange and vicious beasts and sentinels left behind through the giants.

    What secrets and treasures remain to be found? You’ll be sure you discover all of them when the Fate of Arun expansion for Cheap Tera Gold launches and brings by it a raised level cap to 65, new quests, new zones, more new dungeons, skills, gear, along with a new PVP battleground.