New: The Grab Bag

  • Tera Items hands-on demo had that is a buzzing on Day 1 of E3. Here's what a lot of them had to say:

    "[TERA] was some from the most fun we've had at E3 until now this year... It's tough to imagine that TERA can be an MMO inside the traditional sense. The game also looks superb; we're not able to wait to experience more... TERA will be the MMO to get rid of next year."

    "TERA is fun, that is certainly really what's important. The main focus of our own demo was group-based dynamics in combat, and yes it was incredibly enjoyable... all I wanted to try and do was rewind and have fun playing the Cheap Tera Gold game everychance I got. When a game are capable of doing that, they've already won."