Tree of Savior’s April Fools’ Event – The Serial Trickster

  • Tree Of Savior Silver developers chose to make a celebration where everybody is usually fooled. Called The Serial Trickster, it starts after taking care on March 28 and lasts until the upkeep of April 4, meaning a complete week of fooling around on this MMORPG. As a part with the event, you will discover special prizes for that ones creating a success out of the usb ports, doing the top pranks of many people.

    According to Staff_Ines in her own post around the official Tree of Savior website,  case should not be taken seriously the way it is only a way to show appreciation towards the probably best holiday around. To participate within the event you don’t have to do anything, but merely log in and have the magic of it plus the 20% rise in experience. This is really a buff that the companion gives to you personally throughout the entire week. Another buff which yo may take is acquired by killing Commander Lord Phail, located inside cities of  Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian. Once you slay this monster you will get 5% increased movement speed, however, you'll be able to’t stack it to movement speed buffs.

    Near this monster who calls himself the Commander there are going to be an NPC from whom you may obtain a Totally Legit Cube. When opened, this cube can present you with unique items found nowhere else amongst gamers. But don’t get excited too early as the items will not be exactly what you are searching for. If you are good during big celebration the Little Trickster may award you with 50 April Feathers, which you may use to experience pranks about the other players. With these you'll be able to pretend that you're asleep, leveled up, frozen or incompetent at combat.

    Staff_Ines reminds us that every the cubes are going to be deleted in the event the event has finished and that you are able to’t trade any on the items that are going to be obtained in the event. So, open the eyes and enjoy Tree Of Savior Silver for sale ’s April Fools’ event.