Tree Of Savior Team Details Basic Changes To Combat System

  • TOS Silver is getting ready to go through some huge changes, as the c's is altering their combat system from the hopes of earning it better still. Since this can be a large change, the team has become doing a wide range of Q&As to respond player questions regarding the changes. But they are aware that these wouldn’t answer all queries, so that they’re doing a pair of very detailed posts about modifications, that they’ll affect you, and naturally, how it’ll affect Tree of Savior.

    First up, they planned to focus for the basic and combat stats with the player characters, because these are undergoing changes too. They noted how the STR, INT, CON, SPR and DEX it is still the stats you've got and level up with, and judge how they level up. However, as soon as the changes, some on the stats could possibly get fewer things upgraded when leveled up, while others is certain to get more.

    Furthermore, how STR and INT will correspond with your physical and magic attacks will vary. Before, you can get away with out boosting them the maximum amount of and still being very secure. With the modern combat system though, in case you boost STR and INT, your attacks can get stronger in a very more noticeable way, and thus offer you a reason to both give attention to them, and as well balance from the characters.

    As based on how your character takes damage, that too will probably be changed, as the c's is revising the destruction elements for making sure that it’s extremely difficult to become “invincible.” They specifically want it to get so that regardless how high your defense is, you are able to still take damage as well as the game still supplies a challenge.

    There’s all the more detail the Tree of Savior team went into concerning the basic stat changes, so make certain to look into TOS Silver for sale so that you simply are inside the know about what changes are coming.