The Character Class From Fortnite Is Really Fun

  • The battles of Fortnite as an e-sport were especially evident over the weekend, when two other major competitive gaming events took place. While the next week of Summer Skirmish was the best so far there were no major controversies, fortnite items for sale at least -- it paled in comparison to offerings from other games.

    The largest spectacle was that the Overwatch League grand finals, a best-of-three series that happened over two days in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Blizzard's league is arguably the most ambitious e-sports contest ever put together, emulating traditional sports leagues with big-money owners, a normal schedule to followalong with city-based teams to encourage local and more casual lovers. Since its debut in January, the Overwatch League has mostly looked the part of a significant professional sports league. The broadcasts are more ESPN than Twitch, with slick graphics and engaging hosts, serving the present committed Overwatch viewers, while also easing in new viewers. There are numerous camera angles designed for spectators, and maps and replays that help make a better comprehension of the general battle.

    For the finals, all of this was on display, but for a much larger audience. The Twitch stream gained more than 300,000 concurrent viewers during both matches, while the finals were broadcast on ESPN. Blizzard states that 22,434 individuals took in the contest live in New York. As soon as the London Spitfire eventually raised the trophy after a dominant performance, it felt just like a momentous event.

    More pertinent for Fortnite, the game's largest rival, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds put to a major e-sports tournament of its own. This weekend, the Mercedes-Benz Arena at Berlin was home to the PUBG International Invitational, the game's biggest tournament thus far. And while Fortnite might have surged before PUBG in terms of fame, the event in Germany showed that it definitely lags behind when it comes to the e-sports viewing experience.

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