What Do You Think Of Today's Maplestory M Mesos Patch

  • I'm well aware the Field System also drops Spell Maple M Mesos, and I would push it's removal due to botters. However that is a completely different conversation. I also understand that my proposal may need some reviews from other players about their views of the present game and my proposal.

    I am attempting to make sure this is not on a error in my part, but when you decline the gift box, does that shut it off completely or permit you to retrieve it on another persona? I do not remember seeing a notification on my screen for the box today. I'd was on a single character online beyond the midnight reset, however once I re-logged I didn't get a instant.

    If you pressed the"Publish" button at the Reward Window rather than"Accept", unfortunately this means you won't be able to get the gift box because you deleted it from your Reward Window.

    I had this happened to me once on another Hot Day present once I chose"Delete". Or was it"Decline" back then, I do not remember. . .because this current Hot Day has"Accept" and"Delete" buttons. In any event, pressing"Decline" or"Delete" would remove the gift from your Bonus Window.

    Has much changed in regards to how you assist your More About This grow stronger, or is the sport still mostly pay2win. I enjoy bossing however will NEVER be able to perform many of those bosses as spending endless hours merchanting to boredom or spending hundreds of bucks on NX does not appeal to me personally. Simply wondering if the pay to win aspect has shifted any.also; is Demon Slayer a good class still?