Is Hoodie Melo in NBA 2K19

  • When you first jump into NBA MT Coins, you'll be tasked with producing your player and choosing your favourite team. While the customization options are somewhat diverse at the beginning, there is always a possibility you will get tired of your look and want to liven it up a bit. Fortunately, your ability to modify your style isn't just limited to your clothes or shoes. There is actually a way you can change hair in NBA 2K19, and there's a bunch of different styles you can select from.

    You're going to want to earn your strategy to Doc's barbershop.

    Starting at the clinic spot for your group, you're likely to need to head straight down the road and then take a right when you see the Foot Locker and NBA Stores. Head down this road and keep going and you will eventually see "Doc's Barbershop" on the side of a building and the familiar blue, red, and white colours of the barbershop.

    Head indoors, choose the hair you want, and Doc will have to work on giving you a fresh new appearance. And that's all you need to know to modify hair in NBA 2K19.

    Back in NBA 2K19, dribbles moves are an important part of gameplay. By using them efficiently, you are able to make space and drive/shot chances to boost your probability of scoring. Taking contested shots lowers the probability you will create it, therefore dribble moves are great to make it easier for you to discover uncontested shot opportunities.

    For veterans, dribbles motions are probably something that you know very well and can work wonders with, but also for new comers into Infomation About NBA 2K, it might be a little tougher. To execute a basic dribble move, carefully tap your analog stick to the left or right to carry out a move. Obviously, some gamers are better at it than others, so take care not to abuse it. But when used correctly you may free up space between your self and your defender.