Nevertheless recent Marvel update kind of Maplestory Mesos

  • Recent Gachapon patches slowly creeped more pay-to-win procedures, which can be honestly fine because this game won't survive without paying players. Nevertheless recent Marvel update kind of Maplestory Mesos broke the game back to its hefty pay-to-win state especially with debut of Ryude's Sword - Why invest efforts and time when you can just pay? So called "Player Appreciation Week" turned to "Player Spending Week" and intense pay-to-win state has been shown as players that paid were explicitly rewarded using more-than cost-efficient items. With latest update, Maplestory has basically gone back to its extreme pay-to-win condition, or worse.

    Where's Maplestory now likely to? This "A Better Maple" definitely got me back to the game but now I am very reluctant to remain, since I refuse to pay another $1000+ while some other men and women transcend what I've earned through hard efforts and intense quantity of time, simply by paying and using 1/10th of the effort and time.

    I'm a current guild pioneer in Scania of this guild Tempted! I am looking to start a guild from the Reboot server! The name is tenative however, the title will be TemptedR or ReTempted. Currently I am looking for MS2 Mesos some jrs. To help run the guild as I care for my main guild in Scania as well as operate the one from the Reboot server! I plan to play both servers equally and would love to have a nice guild with a good community going! Tempted already has a Discord chat server so means of communication are available!

    We have a flourishing community both in and out of game with a decent number of folks going to play on Reboot as well. I am looking for approximately 7-8 Jrs. Who will be qualified enough to help run a guild. I have possessed Tempted for eight almost nine years now so I've got some expertise when it comes to directing a guild. The brand new guild in Reboot are also streamed on for Reboot drama throughs, bossings and just fun things we shall do. For anybody interested please post below! If you are interested in being considered for a jr place please pm me, or post below and I will personally contact you personally!