At this point

  • Psyonix also said that it will need to pare back graphics in other areas in order to hit its goal of Rocket League Crates 60 fps gameplay on the Switch. At this point, though, the company either doesn’t want to talk about what those compromises are or simply doesn’t know what changes it’ll need to make. The message is clear, though: don’t expect Rocket League to look as pretty on Switch as it does on other platforms.


    Of course, with the Switch hardware being more comparable to the internals of a tablet than standard console hardware, most Switch owners expect that developers will have to make compromises in bringing their games over. We’re guessing that the vast majority of Switch players will just be happy to see Rocket League make it to their platform. Are you worried about these graphics cut-backs Psyonix needs to make? Head down to the comments section and let us know!