Another balance is the player archetypes in Road to the Show

  • Another balance is the player archetypes in Road to the Show. Most people remembering playing through RTTS in 2017 until their player had 99 overall speed, power and 0contact. While creating the literally perfect baseball player and hitting .500 in a season or striking out 18 batters every nine innings is fun, 2018 puts a cap on certain abilities based on player profiles. A speedy shortstop that makes good contact is not going to hit 40 home runs a season, and likewise a control pitcher with a good breaking baseball will not compliment it with a 99 mph heater.

    My biggest complaint is the in-game color commentary by Mark DeRosa and Dan Plesac. I like Matt Vasgersian as the lead commentator, but I wish there would be a little more variety in what he says compared to past years. There are some new phrases as he calls the game, but the majority of commentary is noticeably recycled. Partnering him with DeRosa and Plesac, to Buy MLB18 Stubs me, was a mistake. The trio works well together in real life (particularly DeRosa and Vasgersian who is affectionately referred to as “Matty V” often in their partnership), but the lines that the pair of color commentators provide are simply too long. They run through the game action, overwhelm moments where gamers want to hear Vasgersian’s voice and are just too liberal with their use of “baseball jargon.” Most of that blame is on the writers’ shoulders, but in my opinion DeRosa and Plesac do not deliver the information well.