There are a few main modes to cover

  • There are a few main modes to cover. Obviously, you can pick up a controller and play a game, obviously. Beyond that there is the Road to the Show mode, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and a new Retro Mode. We’ll go in reverse order.

    Retro Mode is a new mode for this year’s game. It’s basically an exhibition game, but played in the style of  Buy MLB18 Stubs an older 80s/90s style Baseball Game. (RBI Baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, etc.) It has the graphics of the main game, but the interface and sound effects are all retro-looking.

    I later discovered that each team has two old/legendary players on their roster in Retro Mode. For the Diamondbacks they were Steve Finley and Luis Gonzalez. For the Dodgers they were Jackie Robinson (makes a lot of sense!) and... Eric Karros (Don Drysdale hung up on us!)It’s not the meat of the game, but Retro Mode is a fun little distraction if you want a simpler game.