The Royals have five hits

  • The Royals have five hits. The first half of Dozell's four-inning three-point shot allowed the team to Buy MLB18 Stubs stay in the lead; the Astronaut had eight hits in the entire field, and Guluel had two hits including a cannon. He In the semi-finals of the 9th innings and the home run, Malisnik ran back to homerun to get a tie. Coria had 2 points, and the second half of the 12th innings was from his hands. Although Gattis did not hit the ball, but in the second half of the 9th innings, the third baseman was released. When he was finished, he completed the basic moves and made high-flying sacrifices to tie the game.

    The Royal Starter Ian Kennedy pitched 7.0 innings and was beaten by 4 points. He lost 2 points and sent three strikeouts. The rate of self-accusation was 5.09, and there was no victory or defeat. Because the original Terminator Kelvin Herrera was traded to the nation, Brandon Maul, who was recently entrusted with the heavy responsibility, once again punished the team's victory; Astronaut's starting pitcher Lance McLaures The main vote of 6.0 innings was beaten by 4 points and lost 3 points for self-reported points, and sent nine strikeouts. The rate of self-accusation was 3.82 and there was no difference between victory and defeat. Colin McHugh, who had moved to the bullpen this year, scored a 1.0 game with 3K and successfully won the third game of the season. It appears that the astronauts finally found a trustworthy bullpen pitcher when the cowshed was unstable.