MLB The Show has proven itself the most dependable series

  • MLB The Show" has proven itself the most dependable series in the sports gaming genre over the past decade. Year after year the most authentic gameplay experience would be delivered along with features added to MLB18 Stubs expand the way the game could be played.

    Recently, though, "The Show" has started to show its age as other franchises have surpassed it both technically and creatively. "MLB The Show 18" suffers some from stagnation, but maybe for the first time demonstrates actual regression for the series.

    Having long been lauded for the effort that has gone into avoiding the removal of features even when new and improved options have been added — something that other sports series have suffered from doing all too often — that narrative has been destroyed with "MLB The Show 18," which loses both Online Franchise and Season Mode. The former was announced a few weeks prior to release while the absence of the latter was hidden for consumers to discover on their own.