Do you know the advantages of building curtain wall?

  • The building curtain wall is rolling out rapidly in China to get 20 years. Now China has turn into the world's largest curtain wall market with all the largest number of curtain walls on the globe. More than 3, 000 drape wall professional companies, construction of about 10 million square meters of curtain wall and so on. The development is amazing and the situation is spectacular. From the field of architecture, the curtain wall is basically raging, sweeping across The far east, including the interior of the building. The great advancement and trend to create curtain wall in China's construction is usually a major achievement of reform and opening up plus a major leap in building wall technology. Where the good news is building, there is a curtain wall, the place seriously isn't divided between the north along with the south, the building is just not divided into high as well as low size, and the outer guardian belonging to the seventy-eight is the drape wall!
    Should the curtain wall in development often be denied?
    Development is to negate the deficiencies, and also the affirmation-negative-negative negation is a new spiraling upward movement with development. After a huge development practice, do you should rationally analyze and take into consideration everything that has already happened, deepen your comprehension, understand it more profoundly, and feel it? It has an internal contradiction and struggle while in the forward and forward development on the building curtain wall, and our idea of the curtain wall also need to move and develop. Do we understand the introduction of the building curtain wall structure? Can you understand evidently? Can you master this particular development law, and this internal contradiction can then promote the development of the curtain wall? Following a twenty-year development of that building curtain wall, the amount of theoretical understandings have we all accumulated? I feel that our understanding is still lagging behind the practice belonging to the curtain wall.
    After 20 a lot of development, what is that curtain wall? What may be the difference between a tempered Laminated Glass curtain wall and also a window? Why do you want to be a curtain wall as opposed to a window? Where could be the curtain wall better versus the window? These problems seem to be naive, but this could be the initial problem, and we are back to the kick off point of things. I have no idea of how the architect seems about these problems. There are numerous main reasons: First, certain requirements for the appearance belonging to the building facade are not the same as those of the classic window, and the outer perimeter with the large area is essential. Or a surface. Followed by the requirements of architectural lighting style, requiring a larger windows to wall ratio in addition to permeability. The third will be simplification and industrialization with high-rise, super-tall buildings and also large-scale buildings in constructing installation and construction, additional improving and improving development efficiency and speed. For this reason, the transformation from windowpane to curtain wall is ignited, thus the establishment of a series of new devices for structure, construction, process and performance with the curtain wall. What should be discussed here is the fundamental and essential difference between the window plus the curtain wall. Structurally, the curtain wall is a continuous peripheral protection system that is suspended outside the principal structure, and the window is usually a discontinuous external protection system that supports the primary structure. From the several contradictions of suspension in addition to support, outside and into the main structure, continuous plus discontinuous, the difference between window and curtain divider is obvious and quick to distinguish. When the facade of the building is not required or well suited for continuous, large, and transparent, it is not required to engage in a tumbler curtain wall. Therefore, the 1st self-reflection of the building curtain wall is usually to use the window for opponent. As a comparability, it is also vital and necessary. It is extremely likely that the building exterior protection will also form a window, your curtain wall, a window or a curtain divider, a window and a new curtain wall. The two are contradictory, mutually advertised and mutually promoted. I don't agree how the specific features of your building are all some sort of curtain wall. It is reasonable to decide on the right one that is definitely worthwhile. Diversification is the nature from the world. The window building envelope protection system is actually a composite structure and any combined structure. In non-lighting components, such as vertical windows partitions, lateral window sills, and so forth.,as well as metal materials for window eyeglasses and sashes. The daylighting element is glass. In the non-lighting part of the structure of the force, heat insulation, warmth, waterproof, sound insulation, hearth protection, energy saving, etc.,generally better than your glass curtain wall and less costly. As the window-to-wall relation is enlarged, the ratio of daylighting to non-lighting area is increased. From the window towards the large-area window to the actual curtain wall, the lighting part and also the weakened non-lighting part will be added, and the necessary technical measures needs to be taken to improve the actual function..For example, eyeport walls, window sills to get aerated concrete blocks or maybe strips, the heat transfer coefficient should be 0. 2, while the single-coated glass K value is only 5. 9W / m2K, hollow goblet is 2. 5, low-radiation (10W-E) hollow The glass is up to 2. 0. The non-lighting aluminum padding cotton K value can be reduced but the cost is increased a whole lot. From this point connected with view, the overall price ratio in the external window system (input-output ratio) should be reasonable than the curtain wall. Not all building envelope systems make use of the curtain wall system to get advanced and reasonable. This is certainly only the second topic of self-denial belonging to the building curtain wall. The value performance is used as being the evaluation parameter, and the functional design requirements should reach the same grade. The curtain wall and also the window are placed within the same comparison line on the building peripheral protection system together. It is reasonable to be able to compare and select both. Unless there are completely different style requirements on the facade belonging to the building, it is one more topic.
    The decorative layer in the exterior wall of the particular building has various kinds, such as spray color, art concrete, and insert brick. A metal eating plan, stone board and fiber composite board are also a main form. It is possible to difference between exterior walls decoration and building curtain wall? In addition on the concrete wall, brick masonry, aerated cement block wall surface, and also a layer of decorative function belonging to the board, belong to the curtain wall? The drape wall system contains composition, function and decoration. Types of curtain wall is the simple decorative function? Is it still needed to follow the rules in the curtain wall specification for such type of curtain wall to execute this course? Therefore, the curtain wall and the exterior wall decorative panel need to be distinguished, and the latter must be a negation of that curtain wall. Such decorative wall panels are actually non-transparent and non-lighting, and their stress express and functional requirements will also be quite different from those commonly categorised as curtain walls. From your above, the relationship involving windows and curtain wall space, decorative wall panels and curtain walls should be discussed and should definitely not be confused. When what's needed of the main body belonging to the building are enlarged your windows program, which are decorative china of peripherals, the nature and definition from the curtain wall should always be negated.
    Any kind of developing thing just isn't perfect, has its benefits and weaknesses, and has its advantages and drawbacks. Only through self-denial, self-dissection, alleviating shortcomings, and cultivating strengths and also avoiding shortcomings can progress be made so that you can develop in competition. Any kind of exterior wall technology is just not suitable for all buildings. It must be adaptable to local conditions, ideal for engineering, and suitable intended for investment. Therefore, the proposition of self-denial belonging to the building curtain wall is not really to completely negate the actual curtain wall, but to retreat as a way to advance, jump, and to help abandon for development plus advancement. When the market is rich in peripheral guards of a good deal of famous curtain walls, when counting on unreasonable low prices, diminished grades, and sacrificial functions to compete for progress, sober professionals should rationally doubt and produce a denial. Finding contradictions, facing up to contradictions, and resolving contradictions include the breakthroughs in progress. Simplify the task, remove redundant sections, and negate non-essential additions. When accumulating a great amount of perceptual knowledge, carry out a bad clean-up, include affirmation inside negation, abandon inertia inside affirmation, and form a different negative cycle of affirmative-negative-negative, whic.