Heat Soaked Remedy Of Tempered Glass

  • Heat soaked remedy, often known as homogeneous treatment, frequently known as 'detonation'. The hot-dip remedy is always to heat the tempered glass to 290°C±10°C and hold it for any specified period of time, prompting the nickel sulfide to rapidly total the crystal phase transformation in the tempered glass, to ensure the heat soaked glass that may be blew ahead of use is artificially broken upfront in the factory. Within a hot dip furnace, the self-explosion with the insulated glass in use after set up is diminished. This process often employs hot air like a heating medium, and it is known as 'Heat Soak Test' abroad, abbreviated as HST, and is virtually translated as sizzling dip remedy.

    While the heat soaked treatment method of tempered glass does not guarantee that self-explosion will not take place, it does scale back the occurrence of self-detonation, and it truly solves the issue of self-detonation that plagues all parties associated with the undertaking. For this reason, hot-dip can be described as even more useful technique to thoroughly solve the situation of self-detonation while in the globe.