The first details regarding the game's next expansion

  • Hero's Oath also introduces lots of new gear for players to pursue, including in a new tier of armor for players known as Heroic Oath. Fully enchanted Stormcry equipment can now be updated to a shiny new pair of Heroic Oath equipment with a performance boost to match its design. Future upgrades will include the ability to enchant the new Heroic Oath gear as even more difficult content is published buy tera gold us. Players can hunt to get a fresh mask at Antaroth's Abyss (Difficult ) as well, as supervisors will have a chance to shed a brand new mask with battle stats to coordinate with the new tier of armor.

    The En Masse team is presently running the very first monthly Level-Up event for TERA on PC, which provides players who level up a particular character class that month with a series of in-game rewards as they work towards level 65. The group has chosen the gunner class for the month of June, therefore any players interested in leveling up a fresh gunner or returning to some gunner they never reached max level with may earn plenty of free perks!

    If you still play TERA on PC then you are going to get some new material to sink your teeth into. Now, programmer Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment disclosed the first details regarding the game's next expansion, which will be set to be titled Hero's Oath, and it seems to incorporate a similar amount of content into the match previous ones.

    First and foremost, the growth will introduce a brand-new dungeon called Antaroth's Abyss into the game, which is situated in the Velika Outskirts, and will continue the story started in the main game.

    In addition to that, players can, of course, also have the ability to update their gear to a brand-new tier. Dungeon leaderboards will also be set to be added to the match with the new update and will encourage both the Pit of Petrox and Antaroth's Abyss dungeons at launch.

    In other reddit discuss news, earlier this month it was revealed that Attack on Titan-themed gear and outfits are making its way into the game soon.