NBA 2k19: Best Layups for Your MyPlayer

  • Layups, while not as crushing as slamming a dunk, are graceful on the eyes and readily earn you a quick two-point score. There are a few layup packages to pick from in NBA 2k19, and deciding on the right animation is important for a couple of reasons Cheap NBA 2K Coins.

    Due to this shortage of a shot meter screen for layups, you may solely rely upon your player's animation to time the shot release. With this in mind, you need to locate layup animations which you are most comfortable with. Additionally, some layups are more difficult to competition, such as Steph Curry's signature floaters.

    Developer Visual Concepts has largely altered the collection of purchasable layup packages in NBA 2k19. Rather than having a selection of cartoons from notable NBA players, NBA 2k19 has grouped them into a certain style.

    The 2,000 VC-priced Crafty package has among the fastest layups for an easy basket. While not flashy, it's hard for defenders to competition due to the rapid layup animation. The default option and Explosive packages also have a fast release. Meanwhile, the Circus layup looks fantastic because of its playfulness, but leaves you vulnerable long enough to get blocked. Regardless, there is no such thing as a best set of layups for NBA 2k19 in NBA 2K wiki.