Ray Rice lesson gives Ravens different v

  • John Harbaugh did not come out directly and say, The Ravens are not going to draft Joe Mixon."All he said Wednesday at hisNFL Scouting Combine pre s conference in Indianapoliswas that the Ravens learned some le sons and made some decisions about their limits after dealing with the Ray Rice situation.Draw your own conclusions."I don't think I can really comment on any player in that degree,"Harbaugh said, "but I think our ownership and our organization, and Steve Bisciotti, have been very clear Dan Marino Jerseyabout it, and I stand behind that."At the same time, though, Harbaugh understands why the NFL instituted its rule last year barring prospects with criminal backgrounds from the Combine which kept Mixon, Oklahomas top-five-rated running back, out of Indianapolis this week.MORE: How team presidents viewthe CombineTo Harbaugh, it means teams like the Ravens have to do their due diligence away from the one-time ma s gathering."We respect the NFLs priorities, what theyre trying to accomplish and the statement thats being made with that policy,"he said. "And also, our job is to turn over every stone on every player, and we'll do that on all those guys."However, considering that theyre a team with a known history of dealing with a players domestic violence incident, the Ravens are the most public exception to the general backlash against banning such players. The objection by Lions general manager Bob Quinn on Wednesday has gotten far more traction.Mixon is still on their draft board, Quinn said, adding,Im not part of those decisions about how guys are chosen, but I think it is a disappointment that guys like him, and theres a few others you can put in Miami Dolphins Game Jersey that category, that were going to be chasing around in the months of March and April, and its really unfair to the players, to be honest with you."Among the supporters for Mixon and the like being invited is NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock."The Combine was set up for this type of situation This is the ideal environment to deal with some of these character players and maybe, to take it a step further, proactively, vet them,"Mayock said on a conference call this week. "What I'd like to see instead of not inviting them, I'd like to proactively get after the situation, get in front of the situation and sit these kids down at the Combine, these troubled players, and give them a level of expectations if they want to play in the NFL, what the infrastructure's going to look like when they get there."Do they have to pee in a cup? If so, how many times? Let's sit these kids down and proactively get in front of it and try to make them good citizens along with good football players."Harbaugh, however, didnt sound as if not having the Mixons of Youth Minkah Fitzpatrick Pro Line Jersey the draft available for four days of group vetting was an impediment to evaluating them thoroughly, for character as well as skill."Our job, as a coach or as a scouting staff, is to turn over every stone, to find out every thing we can about every single guy regardle s of whether theyre here at the combine or not, and for whatever reason,"Harbaugh said.In his case, of course, the decision about Mixon is simple, and it was laid outFrank Gore Jersey again by Bisciotti in January at his annual season-review pre s conference."I think you know there are some people that we are going to take off our board that do real well in the league. That's just the way it goes,"the team owner told reporters then. "Categorically, yes domestic abuse? Not taking them. Kansas City is in the playoffs partly because a guy they took a chance on (Tyreek Hill). Will we take chances like that again? I dont think so."MOCK DRAFT: Ravens find star WRHill was not invited to last year's Combine; the Chiefs drafted him in the fifth round, a reminder that talent almost always prevents a player with such red flags from sliding all the way out of the draft.The most extreme example: Aaron Hernandez in 2010.Questions about his character, including several failed drug tests, dropped him from a likely first-round Nat Moore Jersey pick to the fourth, by the Patriots. His second murder trial (he was sentenced to life in prison for the first) began this week.Clearly, decisions about taking or not taking a player with that kind of history can go either way. Just as clearly, the Ravens remain prepared to live with the consequences of taking them off their board, and the league so far is prepared to do the same with telling them to stay home from the Combine.The consensus, though, appears to be one summed up by Mayock: "I really do believe the NFL was trying to do the right thing. But I think if we really think it through, I think there are better ways to deal with it."