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    Hublot UNICO full carbon observation practice

    "Oh, hello carbon fiber. Yes, I haven't seen you for a while. I know you used to wander here often, but in the past few years, ceramics have been attracting a lot of attention. When you are popular We don't always get along, but you do have your moments. "This carbon-based Hublot watch almost feels like a recent explosion. With an almost full carbon case and bezel, this watch is named Hublot UNICO All Carbon.

    A few years ago, when carbon fiber began to appear all over the place, it really began to become excessive. The worst is the cheap watches with a fake carbon fiber dial - oh! The watch industry has recently added carbon fiber as a material to the backing. As I said, materials such as ceramics and titanium have become so popular and versatile that carbon fiber has not received much attention from designers.Hublot King Power watches replica price

    Then I suddenly saw Hublot's UNICO All Carbon watch suddenly remembered why carbon fiber was interesting first. I may also like it very much because there is no carbon fiber on the dial. Just a lot of Hublot-style skeletons, you can see the movement. The name UNICO is part of the watch and is placed on the movement. UNICO is the title of the internal manufacturing movement of the Hublot. Based on the improved ETA Valjoux 7750 architecture, UNICO is an entirely built-in automatic chronograph movement. One of the improvements in the 7750 architecture of the calibre HUB1240 calibre is the use of a cylindrical wheel in the chronograph. You can see the column wheel in the dial near 6 o'clock. The chronograph also has a flyback function.

    I don't know what the current state is, but the early UNICO movement I saw even used carbon fiber sheets. I don't think this model is the case. Although the dial of the watch is hollow, it is not done in such a way that you cannot read the watch. Hublot pays special attention to this model to improve legibility and visual interest. At the back of the watch, you can see the movement through the sapphire crystal case window.wholesale ZENITH PILOT replica watches

    To create the look of the dial, Hublot used colored sapphire crystals on most of the dials. Apply a stenciled hour mark to it, bright white lumens and matching hands. The chronograph here has only one small dial and is 60 minutes long. The sport certainly has time and date. Above the dial is another sapphire crystal with AR coating.

    For UNICO All Carbon, Hublot uses the King Power chronograph. The 48 mm wide case is actually carbon fiber, as is the bezel. PVD black titanium screws are used for the case and bezel. There are rubber rings on the side of the bezel. The black carbon fiber case looks cool, and the visual texture of carbon fiber complements the high-quality materials here. Despite its large size, the case is very thin and light.

    Matching the case is the classic cool rubber strap you see on many King Power Hublot watches. The overall look of this UNICO All Carbon is impressive. Hublot focuses on materials, and the internally manufactured movement is a truly unique timepiece. UNICO All Carbon (Ref. 701.QX.0140.RX) is not a limited edition model, but may be produced in limited quantities for several replica watches for sale

    Hublot King Power WBC watch "elimination" competition

    Are you always looking for a watch that will keep you down to earth? Use the Hublot King Power "Knockout" watch to stop searching! Hublot watches always make the most of their innovative use of materials and technology. Today, this world-renowned brand is producing 12 unique watches for the World Boxing Council (WBC) charity auction in September.

    Hublot recently announced their partnership with WBC in March, and they are launching a new label team for these twelve watches. Each timepiece will be used for the great years of boxing, including Oscar de la Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Harns, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Marvin Hagler, Evander Holyfield, Jeff Fenech, Larry Holmes, George Foreman And Roberto Duran. Every watch that respects the boxer will have the name of the fighter on the back of the case and will include the same unique design elements as the boxer

    All watches will mimic the bright green and red of the boxing belt and will use the Hublot trademark 18 carat King Gold (King Gold is exclusively produced by Hublot - the formula is as tightly protected as the champion title). The watch will mimic more than the imitation scheme: the watch itself reflects the fierce competition in the boxing world and in the watchmaking field.

    Just as the boxing world is full of powerful competitors and fierce opposition, the watchmaking world also has its own durability, innovative technology and head-to-head competition for long-range impact.

    It is no coincidence that Hublot chose its partners and their latest inspiration in the boxing world. This sport and art has a rich history of hundreds of years. Sustainability, diligence and the need to redouble efforts to consolidate the duo between the two disciplines. Hublot is a new member of the top watch industry, but their bold move has made them the best of their competitors, and their latest alliance with the WBC proves that they are winning replica Audemars Piguet watches